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Harris Tweed is the cloth of choice for Sula, given its rich history and undisputed status as one of the world’s highest quality textiles. Along with its beautifully luxurious feel, it is also the very personal resonance of Hebridean weaving which makes it so special to owner and maker Catriona MacGeoch.

Surprisingly easy to handle, the vast diversity of colours make Harris Tweed a real joy to work with: the endlessly changing patterns and shades devised by the individual island weavers ensure that there is always a design that will work with even the most demanding of interiors.

The facts

The mark of the Orb, pressed onto every length of cloth and seen on the traditional label sewn onto finished products, guarantees the highest quality tweed: virgin wool dyed, spun and handwoven by islanders of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland in their homes to the laws outlined in and protected by the Harris Tweed Act of Parliament, no less.

It’s not just the quality and colour of Harris Tweed which we love at Sula. We feel strongly about supporting this truly artisanal movement which is alive and well in the Outer Hebrides and which continues to thrive. Despite its place in 21st century style, both in fashion and interiors, the cloth is still woven on treadle-powered looms without any electricity or machinery.

Harris Tweed is quite literally ‘dyed in the wool’, with individual yarn pigments skillfully mixed before being spun. And surely no other textile so beautifully reflects its homeland: lochs and rivers, mountains and sky, mosses, heathers, berries and even the rich plumage and fur of our birds and animals – all these elements blend to make the dense colours of Harris Tweed.